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Student Testimonials

“Kath is a source of inspiration. She works in a natural and intuitive style that works in a ‘custom-made’ outcome for each individual student. I came to Kath after speaking to musicians on the Coast and after the first meeting, I knew that this would be the start of a new and exciting journey. Her vast experience and technical training, together with her unique business and network contacts are invaluable. Kath expects this partnership to be a two-way process and has taken me to a place that I never knew existed within my vocal capabilities.

She has an extensive repertoire and is a multi-instrument player. The whole ‘Kath Williams package’ is by far the best you will find on the Sunshine Coast.”

Rossco Crozier
From the first session Kath really invested herself into helping me discover and maintain my true voice!
Kath’s knowledge of the voice, and relentless passion, have helped me greatly. If you want to get the best from your voice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kath.
Pete Allan, Pete Allan Music
Just wanted to let you know that the Hearfones arrived. But mainly I want to let you know that I have had a marked improvement in my voice and voice placement.

I have been doing music appreciation classes with children (aged 1 – 5) for the past 15 years, having to really project my voice above lots of noise, knowing that it was really giving me bad technique but that is/was the nature of the business. I decided to change careers this year but also continue with a band I am in and, with the help of the Hearfones, have really been able to quickly and easily get my voice to a place I haven’t been able to before. Hitting notes easily and being able to really add a lot of dynamics.

I still have work to do (I think it’s a lifelong learning anyway) but I’m really happy with what they have helped me achieve in such a short time. Thanks for making these available in Australia!

Maria Canton
To anyone who may have a dream in the music world.
It’s never too late……read what I have to say ….. I’m over 60!

I would like to let all potential musical people know that this lady Kath has changed my skills.
For two years I tried various teachers and did not seem to be moving forward. After 2 lessons, Kath certainly gave me hope with my singing.

Since then I have had compliments on how I have progressed and I now sing instead of screaming .It’s all about how to talk the story and Kath has a very special method of how to breathe to reach your right tone. I have now gone on to have guitar lessons and have my first guitar piece and song ready for a 60th birthday party. How good is that after only 2 guitar lessons and 8 singing lessons!

I nearly gave up…..but thanks to Kath I am back at it!

Bindy Naus

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