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Student Testimonials

Kath is extremely well qualified, passionate professional when it comes to helping singers from all walks recover from tension and use their voices to the fullest capacity. I’ve been singing professionally for six years and, before seeing Kath, was often losing my voice or struggling to use it in the way I wanted. Learning with Kath helped me understand so much more about my voice, to use my voice without causing the damage/tension I was previously having, and to be confident with utilising my voice in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible before. Kath is fantastic and I would highly recommend her!

Ayla Scanlan, Ayla Scanlan Music

I have had the pleasure of being an ongoing student of Kath Williams since 2008. My development, confidence and ability would not be what it is today without her guidance. I use many of her techniques throughout all my performances and I have proved that good technique is paramount. Warming up the vocal folds, Accent breathing, support, phrasing , being aware of tension markers, re-alignment of the body allows me to have a free voice.
Its always SO exciting to hit a new note , break through a barrier and to go to a new level. Currently I front my own covers band MISS Leading. Have an originals band Misster. Back up singer for Joe Cocker Tribute Band, Lead vocalist for ROCKESTRA big band. Part of InsingC Choir . Founder of Hunker in the Bunker jam night Imperial Hotel …all of which require GOOD TECHNIQUE!

Sonia McMahon