About Kath Williams – Singing Teacher Sunshine Coast

Kath Williams – Musician, Vocalist, Singing Teacher Sunshine Coast, Specialist Voice Teacher, Facilitator, Vocal Health Consultant, Master of Music Studies (Contemporary Music)/DipMus/GradDipMus (Vocal Pedagogy), AssDipHSc/R.N/T.AA CIVDis

As she approaches her third decade involved in the Australian Music Industry as a player, singer, performer and facilitator, Kath Williams’ passion for singing gets stronger every day!

Kath’s love of singing and a desire for further knowledge led her to undertake post graduate studies in Contemporary Voice Pedagogy at QLD Conservatorium from 2011-2014.

Having completed her Masters degree, Kath is a Specialist Voice teacher and Vocal Health Consultant and is the Sunshine Coast delegate for ANATS (Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing).

“I derive my teaching tools and techniques from a wide range of sources, all based on pedagogical research, functional voice training, physiological fact and practical outcomes.”

Kath has a strong history of involvement in youth and community music projects including Bondi Youth Wave 1987 and 1992 and Sunshine Coast Creative Careers in Music Mentoring Program 2005-2009, and also Sunshine Coast TAFE in facilitation of The Access Program music and drama programs for people with diverse abilities.

Kath’s musical family background and nursing career have set her up to be able to blend her abilities in health science and the arts.

As a highly recommended contemporary specialist voice teacher, Kath teaches rock, pop, soul, blues, jazz and musical theatre styles, and she works with a number of private vocal students of all ages, from beginners to professional performers.

She also teaches guitar, musicianship and performance craft and approaches lessons holistically, tailoring the lesson to the needs of each individual or group.

“I’ve studied Voice Pedagogy….the art of teaching singing, which emcompasses not only singing but perceptual motor learning, somatic bodywork, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, and the connection between Body, Mind and Voice.”

“I believe that everyone and anyone can sing…some people have a seemingly natural talent, and others may have to really work at building and training a voice….a lot of the time we create patterns of tension that gets in the way of our free natural sound, and these tension habits need to be undone. Either way, healthy vocal technique and the appropriate vocal set up for contemporary repertoire leads to balance strength, power, excellence and loads more satisfaction, fun and freedom in performance.”I love the philosophy of the eminent Juilliard School (New York) voice teacher Oren Brown, of “THINK, LET, TRUST, and the wisdom of Moshe Feldenkrais…”If you know what you do, then you can change it”.

Kath’s Professional Development

Kath is a passionate learner in voice herself, and continues to study diverse styles of vocal pedagogy.

  • Kath has trained under one of the world’s leading ground breaking contemporary voice researchers and teachers, Dr Irene Bartlett DMA at QLD Conservatorium, Griffith University

  • Kath is Certified in Levels I, II & III Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method, under world leading voice researcher and teacher Jeannette LoVetri.

  • Kath is also a graduate and Certified Affiliate Teacher of