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Performance is so much more than singing or paying an instrument…it’s about how we connect with the audience, and relate the story of the songs we sing and play, how we move and inspire people and raise the vibration of everyone around us with music. It starts from the minute we walk on stage…it’s in how we stand and move, our body language and alignment, eye contact and how we interact with each other as musicians.

Sometimes performance can be compromised by fear … stage fright, performance anxiety, nerves, butterflies, adrenalin….whatever you call it, it can spoil your enjoyment of performing, affect your performance negatively and create a situation where you are simply not at your best when you most need to be !

Vocal health issues can also be a contributing factor…strain, tension and the fear of “will my voice make it through this gig” does not inspire confidence! Kath will assess your vocal health and the way you are using your voice and design a program to make your voice grow strong and free of strain and uncertainty.

Performance Lessons Sunshine Coast

I have been playing guitar for many years and I’d always wanted to learn how to sing better. A friend told me about a choir that rehearses in Yandina that sang blues, soul and gospel style songs. I went along tentatively and found it very confronting singing at first. Singing to me feels a bit like standing naked in front of a crowd would. I always found Kath to be honest, caring, reliable and professional. I think all these are all qualities essential for singing teacher as it is such a vulnerable journey to embark upon. Kath loves music, her enthusiasm and passion are infectious. Her lessons are always incorporating the latest techniques. Because Kath has studied at the Conservatorium, she believes in life long learning and is constantly updating her skills with ongoing international professional development. I totally recommend Kath as a music teacher for anyone.

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Learning some underpinning musicianship can also go a long way to bring you more confidence, taking the guesswork and mystery out of what you are doing and honing your craft will empower you in your ability to communicate musically.

Kath will work with a holistic approach to help you prepare for that special performance, incorporating your instrument…no matter what your level of experience and what your performance is. It could be an audition, a show, an important gig, preparation for recording in the studio, a concert, recital, a family wedding or birthday, a funeral, a comedy show, a jam night debut, music exam performance, or even your very first open mic. She will teach you how to trust your voice and be able to rely on it with great technique, and mentor and coach you in how to rehearse effectively and analyse your repertoire so that the fear is removed, and replaced with emotional connection to lyrics and melody, and anticipation and strategies to manage and embrace the buzz of performing.

Learning about dynamics, light and shade, and the vocal qualities and techniques you can use to express yourself to make your performance great, and having confidence in your vocal and instrumental skills makes all the difference…you will feel a joy in your performance that will flow through to your audience and win their hearts…which is what you want if you are hoping to create a following.

Kath is particularly interested in helping singer-songwriters to find creative ways to use their voices in their original music, and to discover what might be possible for your voice that takes your songwriting to places you hadn’t considered.

She is also very passionate about teaching people who have longed to sing and play all their lives, and may be late starters or even ticking off the bucket list !!  “I love to help people live the dream, step into their passion and feel like they are finally doing what they’ve wished for all their lives”.

Suitable for bands, solos, duos, trios, ensembles, harmony singers, choirs and singers from Beginner to Advanced.