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InSingC Choir, established by Kath Williams and a bunch of keen singers in 2008, is a gathering of like minded souls drawn together by their love of singing. Meeting weekly on Thursday evenings, InsingC Choir has a great time! We workshop, rehearse and perform an eclectic repertoire of contemporary songs and arrangements, mostly acapella, which vary from traditional gospel to blues to pop, rock and soul.

New members are warmly welcomed by the group and no experience is necessary to join. There is no scary audition, just a wish to get into the joy of singing.

Vocal technique and instruction is included every week with director and professional vocal teacher Kath Williams, so you will progress quickly and gain confidence in a supportive environment.

“I teach you to SING…not to just learn songs or parts…I want you to be able to sing both as a group member and an individual. I don’t classify voices and limit you to being only a bass, tenor, alto or soprano…it’s more flexible and creative than that…we do lots of vocal jamming, experimentation and improvisation, as well as written arrangements.” Kath Williams

When and Where?

  • Join the fun and community of InsingC ! Thursday evenings 6:45 -8:30 pm @ Valdora Community Hall, 360 Valdora Rd, Valdora.
  • New members are welcome to join Insingc on the first session of every term, where we hold a welcome workshop for newcomers and current members. Term 3 commences 13th July 2017.
  • Fees: $165 payable at commencement per 8 week term includes membership, lyric sheets and online resources and Open Mic event each term.

For more info contact Kath on 0409 477 083 or email

To join, complete the form below and the team will get back to you shortly.

Come join us and fill your heart every week with some great singing, our friendly gang of like minded souls, gorgeous harmonies, top quality vocal training every session, positive challenges, performances and lots of FUN!

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We made an album!!

Insingc Choir, est. 2008 is based on QLD’s Sunshine Coast and led by Kath Williams. Our choir is a wonderful community of like-minded souls who love to sing together every week. We love harmony and laughter, and perform at local events and  festivals, enjoying an eclectic repertoire ranging from pop to
gospel, soul and traditional.

We love harmony and laughter, and perform at local events and festivals, enjoying an eclectic repertoire ranging from pop to gospel, soul and traditional.We’ve wanted to record an album for a few years, so away we

We’ve wanted to record an album for a few years, so away we went in late 2015…it’s been a huge undertaking with steep learning curves, highs, lows, frustration and joy! With the support of our choir family and wonderful Pozible campaign sponsors, we experienced professional recording with Eleven PM Studios, and the awesome Dan Kennedy who recorded us LIVE in concert and over several weeks in our home space at Peregian Beach Community House.

We hope you can feel the love put into this collection of songs… it’s been about the journey rather than the outcome…for many this experience has been a first!  So crank up the volume, sing along and enjoy “I WANNA SING!”

Love from InsingC – Kath, Ros, Robyn, Sonia, Aimee, Marcia, Di, Keith, Jenni, Lennie, Yvette, Claire, Linda, Paula, Susie, John, Tony, Tracey, Mandy, Trish, Trisha, Linda, Karyn, and last minute ring ins Athena, Helen, Donna & Louise xxx

Have a LIsten!
At the beginning of the year I joined the InsingC Choir led by Kath Williams. I loved the experience of singing in a group but felt very self-conscious about my voice, particularly my ability to stay in tune. Early on, I had singing lessons with Kath and have continued to attend choir each week. There has been a vast improvement in my ability and confidence. Here’s an example:

A few weeks ago I wanted to teach a song to a class of Year 7s but my phone couldn’t receive the recording and I had given my CD to a colleague. My only choices were to sing the song for the class myself or not teach it to them at all. I took a deep breath (using the breathing techniques Kath has instilled in us) and began to sing. I found myself more confident as the song went on, I relaxed, breathed and, as I listened for the notes, they came. The children loved the song, they even clapped when I had finished!

Over the next few weeks we continued to sing the song together and they performed it for their parents as part of the class play. I am very grateful to Kath for the work that she has done with me to make it possible for me to sing unaccompanied and in front of a potentially tough audience. If you are looking for a singing teacher or choir director who is extremely technically proficient as well as wonderfully kind and accepting, then I would strongly recommend Kath Williams.

Paula Loveday, Peace and Prosperity Success Coaching

2017 Term Dates

Term 3: 13th July

2017 Term Fees – Purchase Here

Choral Fest 2017

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If you are looking for some fabulous voice training, meeting some incredibly beautiful, friendly,laid back, supportive people and having a great night then look no further, InsingC is it!!

I joined this group last year and it has been a blast. My voice has improved incredibly and I can now confidently sing harmonies that I make up myself (something I could never do before).

Robyn Streiner