Oh Kath! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m still floating from my amazing vocal session with you. I was quite emotional driving away from your studio…I hadn’t considered just how nurturing and invigorating a coaching session could be. Certainly a far cry from the terrifying lessons I took as a beginner! 18 years I’ve been singing and performing professionally…and here I am, feeling my heart opening up again to all the new possibilities. I’m so grateful for finding the vocal coach of my dreams. All my love.

I have been having vocal lessons with Kath for around four years and have found my lessons to be both enjoyable and productive. I feel that my singing has significantly improved, learning vocal technique through targeted exercises whilst having fun through my own song choices.  Kath’s breadth of experience has meant she has been able to improve my performance across a range of musical genres. Her genuine commitment to improving my skills is supported by her kind, patient and always encouraging support.


Kath is an amazing singing teacher who brings elements of fun and excitement to every lesson. My technique has improved so much in a very short amount of time, and she has also helped me to enhance my performance skills. I am always looking forward to seeing her, and she has given me many opportunities to entertain audiences. I would highly recommend having lessons with Kath!

Juliana - aged 12

I love my lessons with Kath and my singing with InsingC. Such lovely friendships. Before coming to Kath for lessons I had been teaching for 30 years. Early in my career, I lost my voice every year for 2 weeks. This made me modify how I spoke, lots of tongue root tension and tension in the larynx and neck. As a result, I suffered from constant debilitating headaches. Since being with Kath and learning the correct posture and breathing patterns, as well as doing hours of relaxation exercises, these headaches have disappeared.
Thanks Kath.

Jenny Johnson

I have terrible stage fright and have been working up the courage to have singing lessons for years. I met Kath through the InsingC choir and was immediately impressed by her knowledge and warm presence. She really just wants to help all people know the joy of music and she is so approachable, friendly and non-judgemental. She’s a truly wonderful teacher and has opened up many new pathways for me as I continue on my musical journey. Thank you Kath x

Kerrie Harth

Kath is a wonderful singing teacher. She is patient and persistent. Her approach is systematic but individualised to suit your specific needs and challenges. I started with very little confidence, after a lung condition stopped me from singing years ago. Kath worked with me to improve my breathing and control. She also taught me about the importance of relaxing my muscles to let my voice be free. This holistic approach to rediscovering and developing my voice was very effective. Thanks to her supportive and warm teaching style, I feel confident enough to sing again. I feel very lucky to have found the wonderful Kath Williams.

Therese Raeburn

Kath is extremely well qualified, passionate professional when it comes to helping singers from all walks recover from tension and use their voices to the fullest capacity. I’ve been singing professionally for six years and, before seeing Kath, was often losing my voice or struggling to use it in the way I wanted. Learning with Kath helped me understand so much more about my voice, to use my voice without causing the damage/tension I was previously having, and to be confident with utilising my voice in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible before. Kath is fantastic and I would highly recommend her!

Ayla Scanlan, music.aylalive.com

“Kath is a source of inspiration. She works in a natural and intuitive style that works in a ‘custom-made’ outcome for each individual student. I came to Kath after speaking to musicians on the Coast and after the first meeting, I knew that this would be the start of a new and exciting journey. Her vast experience and technical training, together with her unique business and network contacts are invaluable. Kath expects this partnership to be a two-way process and has taken me to a place that I never knew existed within my vocal capabilities.

She has an extensive repertoire and is a multi-instrument player. The whole ‘Kath Williams package’ is by far the best you will find on the Sunshine Coast.”

Rossco Crozier