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Vocal Training Sunshine Coast - Kath Williams

Vocal lessons

For some of us, singing comes naturally, for others there may be a few challenges. Learning healthy vocal technique that frees your voice from unnecessary tension benefits all singers, regardless of talent, training, experience level, age, gender, genre or style.

There are many vocal qualities that singers can embrace to improve tone, power, resonance and expression in the voice and being guided by a teacher qualified in Contemporary Voice Pedagogy can take you to a whole new level in your singing, bringing you exciting and tangible improvements with every lesson.

Whether you are a pro singer experiencing some vocal problems, hoarseness or vocal fatigue, in a band, a community choir singer, dreaming of starting out or even have had a few lessons that seemed to go nowhere, Kath will work with you to assess and identify what is working in your voice, look at the areas that need improvement and intervention, and then design a program of individualized lessons to bring out the best in your singing.

‘I believe that everyone has an “Inner Singer”, but sometimes he or she just might need some help to come out. We may have beliefs about ourselves and singing that hold us back. Sometimes we have unhealthy habits in our bodies and in our everyday vocal use that create strain and place limitations on our singing.’

My Teaching Space

What to expect

In her teaching, Kath utilizes the most current and tried and tested techniques in Contemporary Voice, based on pedagogical research, body mapping, Feldenkrais principles, Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method,  functional training and physiological facts.

Kath will look at :

  • Vocal health and any barriers that may be present to your singing, such as vocal fatigue, and solutions, treatment and referrals if required.
  • Body alignment solutions
  • Breathing and breath management
  • Primal sound – what our bodies can do naturally!
  • Constriction that may be hindering your vocal production and strategies towards more freedom
  • Resonance , onset of sound and tone, dynamics, volume and vocal colours
  • Registration, muscular functions and balance of registers (Chest, Mix and Head)
  • Articulation – vowels, consonants, diction & freeing up associated tensions in the throat, tongue & jaw
  • Emotional connection, coordination and artistry
  • Incorporating your instrument into the mix
  • Musicianship and basic piano skills
  • Harmony / backing vocalist skills
  • Microphone technique
  • Performance skills
  • An individualized warm up and vocal exercise routine
  • Building a repertoire that encourages growth and progress
  • Addressing any vocal habits attached to current repertoire and creating new sustainable technique

Contact Kath to arrange a Vocal Assessment and Lessons….don’t just wish you could sing….come and DO IT !! For more details on costs, check out the Shop page.

Vocal Training Sunshine Coast - Kath Williams

To sing is to bare your soul, take a risk, tell a story. To build an effortless voice that you can always rely on, it takes courage and creativity, dedication and focus, and may be one of the greatest ways to experience freedom, enhanced self esteem and confidence, satisfaction and joy !